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Leading trampoline sock manufacturer in China

Being the leading trampoline sock manufacturer in China, We committed to offer high quality socks for trampoline parks all over the world. The socks we produced are compatible with durability, strong skid resistance, high performance feature, they are the best designing choice for your trampoline park jumping. You can have your logo branded on cuff position and front sock position, and at bottom. We could also create your own design gripper with your unique custom logo.

Our great designed trampoline socks provides you a non-slip jumping in trampoline matts, with special ingredients added, it makes the rubber gripper strong and tight enough that no grippers are dropping even after several times jumping; The cuff elastic band makes the socks well fit to your feet, and prevents you get them lost in foam pit playing. Further more, the special designed web square in front makes the sock breathable and help relieve sweat.

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