• Jun 24,2021
    Innovate becomes a memeber of IAAPA
    Innovate becomes a memeber of IAAPA。
  • Dec 08,2022
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    Answers to FAQs of Medical Bounce Grip Socks
    Bounce grip socks are a pair of medical socks with special design and strict quality control. Mainly through its progressive pressure from the ankle gradually decreasing upward, it achieves the contra...
  • Dec 01,2022
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    How to Choose a Right Baby Sock Size?
    Baby socks, as the name implies, must be socks for babies. In terms of newborn babies, the skin on the feet is very delicate. What's more, the body temperature regulation function has not fully de...
  • Nov 17,2022
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    Baby Cozy Socks to Protect Baby's Feet
    A lot of mothers don't pay much attention to children's shoes and socks, who every time feel that socks are easily consumable, and should be thrown away after a few times when buying their soc...
  • Nov 10,2022
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    How to Choose Medical Compression Socks?
    1. The difference between medical compression socks and ordinary socksThe so-called medical compression socks mean compression socks for medical use. The so-called medical use refers to:(1) Obtain the...
  • Oct 20,2022
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    The Correct Way to Wear and Match Stockings
    Stockings are elastic that come up to the thigh, a type of thigh socks (thigh-length silk stockings and netting are thigh socks, but not stockings). The two most common colors of stockings are white t...
  • Oct 13,2022
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    The Selection Skills of Stockings and Matters Needing Attention
    Stockings can be regarded as a kind of athletic socks. Stockings are similar in texture to athletic socks, which can keep warm and improve blood circulation in the legs. In the spring and autumn or ea...