Sock Types

Sock Types

Zhuji Innovate Knitting Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of all kinds of oem function sport sock. We have computerized socks machines from 96 to 200 needles, socks plastic dropping machines, setting machines, packaging machines, and so on. We can control the quality of each step very well. Our main products are trampoline socks, sports socks, yoga socks, low cut socks, men socks, women socks, baby socks and so on.

Advantages Of Innovate OEM Function Sports Socks

  • Advantageous Socks
    Advantageous Socks

    Our most advantageous socks are grip socks. We have the OEKO-TEX certificate. We can solve the problems that often occur when plastic dropping, so our grip sock quality and effect are pretty good. You don't have to worry about embarrassing problems such as the gel of the running socks falling off during the trampoline exercise.

  • Advanced Sock Technology
    Advanced Sock Technology

    Our advanced plastic dropping technology provides a good foundation for sock industry emerging fashions, allowing customers' designs not only to appear on paper but also perfectly on their feet. As an excellent socks manufacturing company, we have socks machines with various cylinders. From thick to thin, every detail of your design can be expressed to the maximum extent on custom socks. 

  • Customized Sock Design
    Customized Sock Design

    Regardless of the choice of sock yarn or color, we have the most convenient source of raw materials, which provides strong support for your various sock designs, perfectly showing your sock design to your clients. All of the above provides you with a good platform and effect guaranteed for promoting your sock brand. Every step your customers take will greatly promote your sock brand a step further. 


Benefits of Running Socks

Trampoline Socks VS. Common Sports Socks

Sports socks are worn for participating in athletic events, such as tennis or jogging. Or they can be worn as part of a casual outfit whenever you wear sneakers. Trampoline socks are typically made of a thick, stretchy material and have grippers on the bottom soles that are meant to prevent the wearer from sliding around on the trampoline. Trampoline socks are a better option than wearing rubber sneakers, plainsocks, or being bare feet on a trampoline. Choose the most suitable trampoline socks for different fields.

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