INNOVATE In Stock High Quality Generic Trampoline Grip Socks
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trampoline park socks
INNOVATE In Stock High Quality Generic Trampoline Grip Socks
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INNOVATE In Stock High Quality Generic Trampoline Grip Socks

Order High-quality generic grip socks made with High-quality 32S twin yarns. Full inventory of kids' and adults' sizes.

USA: Door-to-door tax and freight included $0.47 per pair(Delivered price).

Canada: Door-to-door tax and freight included $0.52 per pair(Delivered price).

Other countries: Socks $0.32+ freight and tax

The price is definitely lower than your local supplier, and the quality is better than your local supplier.

Benefits Of Choosing In-Stock Trampoline Grip Socks

As an alternative to bespoke trampoline socks, INNOVATE, the professional socks manufacturers in china, manufacture and warehouse the Innovate generic stock grip socks. Proven to be a hugely popular solution for FECs, or as an interim fulfillment option between custom sock deliveries. In stock trampoline socks can be shipped ASAP, with multi-color choices and various sizes, suitable for all kinds of clients, not only can be used as professional trampoline socks but also sports socks such as yoga, pilates, etc. shop, etc.

Details of INNOVATE In Stock High-Quality Generic Socks


INNOVATE non-slip grip trampoline socks designed with anti-slip solid grips on the bottom to support little boys and girls as they are walking or crawling on hardwood floors, or adults playing on the trampoline. Just have more fun.


High elastic non-slip sticky grippers socks are available for all kids and adults. These socks are made with 98% polyester and 2% spandex for their elasticity and snug fit. Performance can also come with extra comfort.


No matter what kind of exercise you do, our non-slip grippers socks are perfect for Trampoline, Fitness, Pilates, Yoga, Bikram, Martial Arts, Travel, Studio, Hospital, Rehab, Home & Body Balance, Ballet, or any other Workout, Dance, Barre exercises and more. Also great for baby boys and girls playing with slides and trampolines in the yard.


Have good elastic, and are stretchable, these socks with grips are very practical for toddler boys and girls. OEM anti slip socks easily absorb and evaporate sweat, and can let you always enjoy perfect stability, no matter how slippery the floor is!

Valued Packing: Each pair of trampoline socks is packed in an individual OPP bag with size labeled, which keeps socks neat and clean; sufficient quantity, which is very practical and convenient for you to use or replace; This is also an ideal gift choice for your friends, and relatives.

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