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Leggings, also known as tights and pantyhose, is a garment that tightly wraps the body from the waist to the feet, and is mostly worn by women. We make different kinds of leggings, including cotton, nylon and wool blend. Go fashion with our comfort leggings!

Transparent thin pantyhose that matches the skin color can beautify the look of the legs and make the legs look smooth and bright.

Dark pantyhose can beautify the shape of the legs and make the legs look slim.

As a leggings manufacturer, we are specialized in producing leggings wholesale with good quality.

Wanna Know More About Leggings?

Brown pantyhose can give a good interpretation of tanned legs: a pair of "instant suntan" legs.

Pantyhose also has practical value at the same time, it can isolate cold air from the skin, keep legs warm in cold weather, and even make a beautiful lady show her legs in winter.

  • Wearing pantyhose in a low-humidity environment can reduce the evaporation of water on the skin of the legs and prevent the skin of the legs from drying out.

  • Pantyhose with spandex or lycra fiber can promote blood circulation in the legs through pressure.

  • Prevent mosquito bites.

  • Protect the skin and prevent the skin from rubbing with the outside world or clothes.

  • Conceal leg hair and leg skin defects, such as scars.

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We have the OEKO-TEX certificate. We can solve the problems that often occur when plastic dropping, so our grips quality and effect are pretty good.
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