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Summer magic, no show socks. Since we have socks machines with various needles types, we can meet your needs whether the socks are thick or thin. The low no show socks are just above the heel of the shoe. Invisible socks are usually the first choice for running enthusiasts. They want to avoid the trouble of socks slipping too low on running shoes, but do not want socks to be shown on the ankle. So hidden socks we made cleverly solved this problem.

No Show Socks Types

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  • Advantage one: low-cut socks are a good match for shoes. We don't expose socks when we wear shoes, which is in line with recent fashion styles.

  • Advantage two: In summer, we can wear low-cut socks in pumps, so that others can't see that we wear socks, and then we also solve the trouble of sweating in pumps in summer.Unlike ordinary socks, low-cut socks are usually shorter in length and the mouth of the socks is usually below the ankle. Low-cut socks are mostly called "invisible socks" in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, because they usually only cover the front half of the feet after wearing shoes, and socks are often not visible.

The style of low-cut socks popular in Europe and North America is an open ankle socks, which visually makes people feel like they are not wearing socks, which is suitable for matching most casual shoes. This low-cut socks can protect men from the embarrassment of excessive foot sweat and odor due to heavy summer sports.

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