Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

  • Obligation

    As an enterprise that wants to develop and grow, our company strictly undertakes its obligations to seek and promote social benefits in addition to maximizing profits. Including honesty and trustworthiness, safe production, occupational health, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of workers, meeting human development needs, protecting the environment, saving and caring for resources, supporting charity, donating to the public good, pursuing innovation, and promoting technological progress. 

  • Core Values
    Core Values

    Integrate the requirements for fulfilling social responsibility into the entire process of company operations and daily management, and establish and operate quality management systems, occupational safety and health management systems, environmental management systems, and various public welfare undertakings. It has improved the job responsibilities, management requirements, and code of conduct of all departments, units, and positions of the company. We ensure that the company's operating activities meet the requirements of safety, efficiency, greenness, and harmony in terms of systems, resources, and personnel. We ensure that the company fulfills its social responsibilities in a comprehensive, full-fledged, and whole process.

  • Development

    First of all, our enterprises have undertaken and fulfilled their economic responsibilities and played their due role in greatly enriching the people's material life and for the rapid and stable development of the national economy. We maximize sales, reduce costs, make the right decisions, and guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of our customers. Second, we set an example in compliance with laws and regulations, and comply with all laws and regulations, including environmental protection law, consumer rights law, and labor protection law. Complete all contract obligations, take the lead in operating with integrity and legally.

  • Technology

    We strive to accelerate industrial technology upgrades and optimization of the industrial structure, vigorously develop green enterprises, increase the ability of enterprises to absorb employment, and perform due diligence for environmental protection and social stability. Many places are under-invested or unable to invest in the development of social undertakings. This requires the mobilization of all mobilizable capital. We have made full use of our capital advantages to contribute to the development of social undertakings and become a good corporate citizen. 

  • Community

    We support the development of community education, health, human care, culture and art, urban construction, and other projects. We help communities improve the public environment and volunteer to work for the community.