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Innovate Knitting Co., Ltd. is a sock manufacturer specialized in the production of all kinds of socks, including Trampoline Socks, Airline Airplane socks, Yoga Socks, Sports Socks, Happy Socks, Home Socks, Toe socks and so on. High-quality support and competitive prices!
Innovate Custom Service
Customizing all kinds of socks for you, trampoline socks and yoga socks are always our strength. We are a custom socks manufacturer in China. Want to learn more? Contact us now!
Excellent plastic dropping technology makes your brand sparkle.
Made with your unique design.
The delicate seaming makes your toes no longer painful.
  • Tell us your ideas
    Keep your feet covered in our customized socks! Here are few things to keep in mind when designing your socks. 
  • Size guidance
    Available in various different sizes, our socks are made from high quality materials making them stretchy, soft and incredibly comfortable. Cushioned design is available. Our sock size range covers all requirements. From XXS – XXL we have you covered.
  • Packing guidance
    Make your socks delivered with your choice of customized packaging. Below normal packaging ways are for your reference. Welcome telling us your creative designs.
  • Length guidance
    Below are the most common sock lengths we make. Customized lengths are also welcomed.
About Innovate

Innovate has been in the socks industry for many years and knows this product very well. As a professional sock manufacturer of wholesale trampoline socks, we do our best to produce high-quality socks for our customers and choose high-quality materials with systematic production capacity, which makes products more and more affordable while ensuring the quality. 

Innovate is one of the custom sock manufacturers china, We have computerized socks machines from 96 to 200 needles, socks plastic dropping machines, setting machines, automatic packaging machines, and so on in our socks factory. We can control quality very well for every step. 

Please feel free to contact us for OEM / ODM services. We have extensive experience to do this. We can perfectly present your brand logo on socks. And design or produce socks according to the requirements of the local trampoline center parks. 7/24 hour uninterrupted service makes our response more and more timely.

Latest Release
INNOVATE will participate in the 15th Shanghai International Hosiery Purchasing Expo. We sincerely invite dear customers to visit our booth, and we will display the latest developed trampoline socks.