Apex Ankle Anti Skid Grip Trampoline Park Socks
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the apex trampoline park socks
the apex trampoline park socks
Apex Ankle Anti Skid Grip Trampoline Park Socks
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Apex Ankle Anti Skid Grip Trampoline Park Socks

Innovative Socks provide comfortable, versatile trampoline socks that can be used both for sports and on trampolines. They are soft, stylish, and have sturdy soles to hold you firmly.

Why Choose INNOVATE Socks as Your OEM Trampoline Socks Manufacturer?

We are one of the essential leaders in the creation of design, manufacture, and sale of made-to-measure trampoline socks. Most of our customers are trampoline parks, inflatable parks, indoor amusement parks, and sports clubs looking for good quality with excellent design trampoline socks for their members. With over 30 million pairs sold per year, our leadership position is strengthened year after year and the turnover of our trampoline socks has grown.

Benefits of Apex Ankle Anti Skid Grip Trampoline Park Socks


The cutely shaped grip dots on the bottom provide safety in any situation. The anti-slip design provides great traction on almost any surface, especially slippery floors. Let your clients play safely and happily. We have private label OEM trampoline socks choices for you to meet your personalized needs.


Also great for kids. Flexible fibers provide a perfect balance of cushioning and mobility, and padded tabs above the heel help you put the socks on quickly. The stretchy fabric gives them plenty of room to grow.


Our grippy socks for kids are super stretchy and fit any age range kids. Suitable for boys and girls who like to run on hard and smooth floors, go up and down stairs, it provides more stability so kids won't fall easily.


Good for kids bouncy house or as bedtime slippers,can always staying on and no creeping off.Perfect for gymnastics,walk around the house,trampoline, dance.Have attractive colors with skid proof bottoms for indoor use.


Our grip socks are great as an ideal gift for your kids and your friends' baby as Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, Halloween gifts ect.Stay dirt-free and prevent blisters whether its playtime or bedtime. Contact custom sports socks manufacturer to make your own gifts.

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