Answers to FAQs of Medical Bounce Grip Socks

Answers to FAQs of Medical Bounce Grip Socks

Bounce grip socks are a pair of medical socks with special design and strict quality control. Mainly through its progressive pressure from the ankle gradually decreasing upward, it achieves the contraction of the calf muscle, in order to prevent venous charging to make blood return to the heart, to achieve the better leg shape, beautify the curve, improve the radish leg and prevent varicose veins. Here are Innovate's answers to frequently asked questions about bounce grip socks. Let's find out!

1. Can varicose veins be cured by wearing bounce grip socks?

As one of the treatment methods for varicose veins, sequential decompression bounce grip socks have been widely used in the vascular surgery of various hospitals in the world, including China. Varicose veins are an irreversible disease, and so far there is no way to completely cure them, including surgical treatment. After the surgery of varicose veins is operated on for half a year to a year, it is also necessary to wear bounce grip socks to eliminate postoperative lower limb swelling, consolidate the operation effect and prevent recurrence.


2. How long for bounce grip socks to take effect?

After wearing bounce grip socks, you should immediately feel comfortable in the legs and it may give the legs an upward help, without uncomfortable feelings. Every morning wear it before getting up, and take it off when sleeping at night. Wear for more than 8 hours every day, so the lower extremities will not be vulnerable to acid swelling, fatigue, numbness, swelling pain as easy as usual. For patients with long-term swelling of lower extremities, wear it for more than a month, and leg swelling will gradually disappear. For patients with ulcers, wear it for more than 2 months, so the ulcer with the diameter of less than 1 centimeter will gradually heal. Keeping wearing it can gradually smooth the protruding veins, and gradually improve the skin that has become black and hard. As the symptoms of varicose veins decrease, the time and frequency of wearing it can be gradually reduced.

3. If only one leg has symptoms, wear one or wear a pair of it?

It is recommended to wear a pair, so that the two legs feel the same, and it also has a positive health and prevention effect on the other leg. You can also rotate two socks on one leg, because the bounce grip socks need to be washed and dried by hand, and can not be baked in the sun. In this way, the service life can be extended.

4. How to choose the appropriate pressure and length of bounce grip socks?

First of all, choose the right pressure according to the wearer's leg symptoms, choose the length of the bounce grip socks according to the location of the varicose veins: measure the leg size, ankle (the narrowest part of the ankle) circumference, the thickest circumference of the calf and the maximum circumference of the thigh to determine the appropriate number.

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