Can Compression Support Socks Reduce Muscle Aches from Running?

Can Compression Support Socks Reduce Muscle Aches from Running?

Ⅰ. The working principle of compression support socks to relieve pains

In the process of running, the impact of the foot falling on the ground can cause muscle tremor, which is considered a significant cause of muscle damage and delayed muscle soreness. In terms of the principle, compression support socks can reduce muscle tremors and relieve pain to a certain extent by giving muscle support.

Ⅱ. The compression support socks can decrease the muscle soreness

A study by Massey University in Auckland found that muscle soreness will be reduced within 24 hours after 10 kilometers running at a fast pace if you wear running compression support socks. Interestingly, this study found that calf pain can be largely relieved, indicating that compression support socks will work in the specific covered area. The study found that 93% of people who did not wear compression support socks had calf soreness the next day after running, but only 14% of runners who wore compression support socks had similar calf soreness.

Ⅲ. Functions of compression support socks

Compression support socks have a limited effect in improving athletic performance. It is not possible that compression support socks can be used to improve pace. They are not very useful in this aspect. However, compression socks running have noticeable effects in eliminating muscle pain and promoting fatigue recovery. Therefore, runners can not only wear compression socks when running but also after running, especially after running a marathon. You can also change to a pair of clean compression socks, which can speed up the elimination of fatigue.

Ⅳ. Recommendations for the use of compression support socks

The choise of buying compression support socks mainly depends on personal preference. Marathon runners seldom use compression socks. It seems that compression socks are not very useful for races within 10 kilometres, because short-distance running is less fatigued. But for long-distance training or marathon competitions, wearing compression socks has a certain effect of reducing fatigue and delaying fatigue.

Runners also missed an important use in compression support socks, which is to continue to wear compression socks for 24 hours after the marathon, which can speed up recovery and reduce muscle soreness. Of course, compression stockings also have a major function. The compression support socks are particularly popular within women, because the legs look thinner when wearing them.

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