Function and Suggestions of Compression Socks

Function and Suggestions of Compression Socks

1. The functions of compression support socks

(1) Compression equipment plays a limited role in improving sports performance, so it is expected to improve the pace through compression support socks.

(2) Compression equipment is more effective in eliminating muscle pain and promoting fatigue recovery. Therefore, runners can not only wear best compression socks for running when running, but also change for a pair of clean compression support socks after running, especially after marathon, which can speed up the elimination of fatigue.

2. The basic suggestions on the use of compression support socks

(1) It mainly depends on personal preferences to buy and use compression support socks when it comes to the choice of compression support socks.

(2) For long-distance training or marathon, wearing compression socks for running can reduce fatigue and delay the occurrence of fatigue.

(3) Runners also miss an important function of compression support socks, that is to continue to wear compression support socks for 24 hours after the marathon, which can accelerate recovery and reduce muscle soreness.

(4) Of course, womens running compression socks also have a big role, especially favored by women, that is to show a pair of thinner legs after wearing.

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