History of the Compression Stocking

History of the Compression Stocking

1. The history of compression stockings

In the 18th century, a businessman suffered from severe varicose veins with leg ulcers. He has a habit of going to the famous local hot springs to relax for a few weeks every year. The local hot springs have relatively small springs, so people can only stand and bathe in them. What makes him feel strange is that after soaking in the hot spring several times a year, the ulcers on his feet are miraculously healed. The businessman is a good thinking person. He wants to know what healed his ulcer, whether it is the water quality of the hot spring or something else. So he did an experiment: he took the hot spring water home and put it in the bathtub. As a result, his ulcers did not improve, but he was able to heal the ulcers while standing in his own bathtub for bathing.

Obviously, the healing of ulcers has little to do with water quality, but with standing bathing. The businessman and a few of his friends who are studying physics understood the truth: standing in a hot spring bath and standing in a bathtub have one thing in common, that is, when standing, the static water produced by the water has the greatest pressure on the soles of the feet. , Gradually decreasing from bottom to top, the thighs are out of the water, and the hydrostatic pressure is zero. It was this downward pressure that healed his ulcer. The ulcer on the businessman's foot is an old disease. You can't always bring a bucket for treatment, right? So businessmen and textile manufacturers collaborated to invent compression stockings for men, which can help people to treat them. The feature of the socks is that the bottom is tight and the top is loose. After compression stockings for men are worn on the feet, the pressure decreases from bottom to top. The pressure on the ankle is the largest, followed by the calf, and the smallest on the knee.

2. How to maintain compression stockings

(1) Pay special attention to avoid scratching the surface of jewelry and nails when putting on or taking off pressure socks for travel.

(2) Prevent dry heels in dry seasons.

(3) Always check whether the shoes are flat to prevent unnecessary wear caused by the debris.

(4) When washing, use neutral detergent to wash in warm water, do not wring out, use a dry towel to absorb excess water.

(5) Dry socks naturally in the shade.

(6) Do not expose the compression stocking to the sun or iron them.

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