How to Choose a Right Baby Sock Size?

How to Choose a Right Baby Sock Size?

Baby socks, as the name implies, must be socks for babies. In terms of newborn babies, the skin on the feet is very delicate. What's more, the body temperature regulation function has not fully developed, so they have not fully adapted to the outside climate, and it is easy to catch cold. That's why it's so important to put comfortable socks on babies. But today's baby sock market is full of mixed quality products, all kinds of materials and designs of socks, mothers need to sharpen their eyes, so as to identify what is qualified baby socks. Due to the delicate skin of babies, baby socks are made of pure cotton fabric, and the color is mostly harmless to human body, such as active color or Shilin color, which will feel thick and comfortable. This is different from those inferior baby socks made of synthetic materials with direct dye dyeing.

1. Material and cleaning of baby socks

In the choice of baby socks, some mothers think that thin nylon socks are more breathable. In fact, although nylon socks look very thin, they are not breathable enough. And colorful socks sometimes appear color blocks fade due to the baby's feet sweat. Therefore, choose baby anti slip socks for your baby, and choose those that are as simple as possible. Baby socks should choose cotton materials. Because cotton is soft, comfortable, and also absorbs sweat, it is better. In addition, the sock mouth should be as wide as possible, the tightness should be moderate to ensure it does not strangle meat, which may affect the baby's blood circulation.

In terms of cleaning of the baby socks, it is best to clean alone, and do not wash the socks with adult socks, which is easy to produce bacteria, because adults often go out and walk around, the socks will have more sweat. And baby socks should be washed by hand as much as possible, and it is best not to put into the washing machine, so as to avoid the baby's discomfort caused by pilling. Finally wash socks with water several times, so as to reduce the residual detergent or detergent foam, to ensure the baby's skin health.

2. Baby sock size

When buying socks for a baby, you must pay attention to the size. Baby socks is not selected according to the age of the baby. After all, every baby is different in figure. Even the baby of the same age will be different in figure. Often the size recommended by the store is the general size, so not all babies are suitable.


When buying baby socks, you'd rather buy big ones than small ones. Because the baby is uncomfortable to wear the small size, affecting the development of the baby's feet, but it is very inconvenient to take back to change. If you buy a bigger size, it doesn't matter, because you can wait until the baby is older and bigger enough to wear it. Babies grow fast, and they'll be ready in a few months. How do you determine the size of baby socks? In fact, mothers can buy socks according to the actual length of the soles of their babies' feet, which is the most effective way. It is acceptable to be 1 centimeter larger or smaller than the actual length of the infant's soles, and this range is the safe range. If the baby's feet are 7 centimeters long, it is perfectly fine to choose a sock with a tiling length between 6 and 8 centimeters. But if the baby is fat, you can increase the size appropriately.

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