How to Identify Good Custom Yoga Socks

How to Identify Good Custom Yoga Socks

1. Technology background of custom yoga socks

With the popularity of yoga in people's daily life, more and more people choose to buy non slip yoga socks to improve their practice safety. As a kind of socks designed according to the needs of yoga practitioner, custom yoga socks often can effectively reduce the probability of slipping in the process of practicing, and at the same time effectively maintain personal hygiene. However, because it is easy to generate static electricity by friction in the process of exercise, the non slip layer absorbs dirt, so the poor quality yoga socks are very easy to be soiled. In addition, due to the poor quality of yoga socks often lack of elasticity, and fabric is not soft enough, so in exercise this kind of Yoga socks are often easy to deformation, aging, and even break by large force. Also the poor quality of yoga socks usually has insufficient water absorption. Sometimes the foot will produce a lot of sweat when practicing yoga. In this case, the wet feet will make people feel uncomfortable. Therefore, it is very important for yoga practitioners to choose a good custom Yoga socks.

2. What are good custom yoga socks

So what are good custom yoga socks? Good non slip custom yoga socks often have the following characteristics:

(1) Good yoga socks often have high-quality rubber non slip particles on the bottom. The round and full particles can make the yoga socks have a strong grip, so as to provide the functions of anti sliding, cushioning and shock absorption for the feet in sports.

(2) In addition to high-quality rubber particles, good yoga socks should also have super cotton terry inside the sole and use textile fiber fabric, so as to play the role of ventilation, sweat and shock absorption.

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