How to Wear Crew Cut Socks to Ensure It Does Not Fall Off?

How to Wear Crew Cut Socks to Ensure It Does Not Fall Off?

1. Knowledge of crew cut socks

Crew cut socks appeared in the early 1980s, when the rise of tennis clothing began. The classic style has two fur balls at the ankle and became popular again in the mid-2000s, but there have been many different styles, mainly used to match skateboarding clothes, followed by shorts or skirts. Some girls wear invisible socks because they want to show the full curve of their legs, so it's not a good idea to have socks sticking out, usually when they are playing sports or going for an athleisure style, usually with shorts or hot pants. In fact, there are different kinds of crew cut socks. There is a kind of cotton crew cut socks, with socks cover to the back of the foot. The authentic products are generally made of silk. Sometimes when you wear princess shoes, it is invisible. There is another kind that even has only the toe part.

Crew cut socks originated in Japan for wearing barefoot in the house and are now popular all over the world. They are short socks with an opening at the back of the foot and have the shape of a boat, which can be made in many different styles: jacquard, cut and sewn with warp knitted mesh, added sponge cushion, lace at the socks, etc. Crew cut socks are now a style that many young people like to wear, so you don't have to worry about revealing the color of your socks, and it's less of a hassle to match.

2. How to wear crew cut socks to ensure it does not fall off?

You can stick a rose-shaped decorative bead on the heel a little higher than the crew cut socks! Hang it, if you take it off, the socks will also stick, and then stick the decorative beads on the left! In this way, it looks good and does not fall off! You can also wear socks, and stick half of the butterfly beads to socks, half to feet, and wear cloth shoes and middle-length pants. In this way, half of the butterfly can be seen, which is beautiful and does not fall off. We should learn how to select crew cut socks. Generally, nowadays, socks are made with a non-slip strip at the heel position, which can very effectively prevent the problem of crew cut socks falling off the heel from happening. In fact, crew cut socks are also divided into ankle-baring and instep-baring. If the ankle is exposed, you can buy crew cut socks with silicone anti-slip strip. If the back of the foot is exposed, you can cut off the lower part of the heel part and turn the original sock top into an elastic band, which will solve the problem of the sock falling off.

3. Cautions for wearing crew cut socks

(1) Pay special attention not to let jewelry and nails scratch the surface when putting on or taking off the socks.

(2) In the dry season to prevent the heel chipping.

(3) Always check whether the shoes are flat to prevent debris from causing unnecessary wear and tear.

(4) Wash with neutral detergent in warm water, do not wring, use a dry towel to absorb excess moisture.

(5) Dry naturally in a cool place.

(6) Do not put it in the sun, and do not iron.

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