Innovate Socks Introduces You to Some Knowledge of Crew Socks

Innovate Socks Introduces You to Some Knowledge of Crew Socks

1. How to wear crew socks without falling off?

Many people will encounter the situation when the socks slip off when wearing the socks, which is very uncomfortable when walking.

(1) Before buying crew socks, check whether there is non-slip tape at the mouth of the socks. If there is, buy this kind of non-slip tape.

(2) You can stick the socks and shoes with double-sided tape so that the socks firmly adhere to your feet, and when you take off the shoes, you can gently tear them off without any glue residue.

2. Which socks are not easy to fall off?

The heel of the crew socks is designed with a silicone strip, which is not easy to fall off. crew socks are a very popular style of socks that are useful in some outfits. However, crew socks also have some disadvantages. They are easy to fall and slip to the soles of the feet. After the socks slip to the soles of the feet, it is very uncomfortable to wear. In order to solve this problem, people add a silicone strip to the heel of the crew socks to increase the friction between the crew socks and the feet, so that the crew socks will not fall down so easily.

3. Reasons for the popularity of crew socks

The biggest advantage of crew socks is that crew socks are very short, and you can't see the socks inside or only see the edges of the socks after putting on the shoes. Compared with ordinary socks, low-top shoes look better with crew socks. In addition, the summer weather is hot, and wearing other socks will feel very hot, but wearing crew socks will be cooler. What's more, crew socks are very versatile and suitable for a variety of shoes, such as canvas shoes, sneakers, sneakers, and other shoes.

4. The difference between invisible socks and crew socks

(1) Invisible socks are invisible socks that are worn on the feet. They were originally designed for women to wear pumps in summer. Because of the high temperature in summer, it is uncomfortable to wear shoes with bare feet, but it is very hot to wear thick socks, so people have designed invisible socks that are breathable, fashionable, and beautiful, which are highly sought after by fashionable women. Generally, invisible socks are mostly flesh-colored, similar to skin color. After wearing shoes, it is difficult to detect, and it does not affect the contact between the skin and the air.

(2) Crew cut socks are very short socks, so named because they are shaped like a boat, and the length is up to the ankle, also known as "ultra-short socks". It comes in many colors, usually silk, which is called invisible socks in Taiwan. But at the same time, the material of crew-cut socks can be various, such as lace, cotton, and so on.

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