Is It Necessary to Buy Trampoline Socks for Trampolining?

Is It Necessary to Buy Trampoline Socks for Trampolining?

1. The advantages of trampoline

The origin of trampoline is often controversial, but it is undeniable that it is indeed a great and useful development, which has changed the way people generally think of exercise. Under control and health supervision, trampoline, made of the right equipment, is absolutely a good choice for burning calories and enjoying time. Calories burned during 10 - 15 minutes of jumping on a trampoline is same as the quantity of walking for half an hour. It's a great way for kids and adults to exhaust their energy. It’s not only healthy for them, but also fun for them.

2. What are trampoline socks?

Trampoline sock is a kind of stretch non slip sock, which can be worn when using trampoline to avoid damaging the sole of the foot. The characteristic of non slip trampoline socks is that a non slip area is set at the bottom of the sock body in a printed way, and a plurality of bulges are arranged in this area. For good trampoline socks, the bulge set in the non slip area can not only increase the anti-skid coefficient of the socks, but also build a certain characteristic pattern, greatly increasing its ornamental.

3. The advantages of trampoline socks

(1) Trampoline socks can improve the safety and cleanliness of trampoline park.

(2) Non slip trampoline socks can reduce the friction between our sole and trampoline, so as to protect your feet from being damaged for long-time jumping.

(3) Non slip socks have anti-skid soles, which can grasp the trampoline better and more firmly, which can reduce the possibility of accidents.

(4) Trampoline socks also help control the spread of bacteria.

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