The Correct Way to Wear and Match Stockings

The Correct Way to Wear and Match Stockings

Stockings are elastic that come up to the thigh, a type of thigh socks (thigh-length silk stockings and netting are thigh socks, but not stockings). The two most common colors of stockings are white thigh high stockings and black thigh high stockings.

1. The advantages of knee high boot socks

People who stand for a long time have more or less some manifestations of lower limb varicose veins, but the degree of severity is not the same. Lower extremity varicose veins are a disease which is troublesome to treat, and in serious case surgery is required, so the best way is to prevent them from happening. Taking precautions when symptoms aren't obvious is a good way to do this. Wearing knee high boot socks is a good way to help get blood into larger and deeper veins. In addition, during long plane trips, blood circulation is poor because the legs do not get enough movement, which greatly increases the risk of forming blood clots. If you wear elastic stockings and exercise properly while flying, the risk of forming blood clots will be greatly reduced. In addition, with the knee high boot socks, women can also beautify their legs, because the legs become smooth and delicate.

2. The way to wear knee high boot socks

When wearing stockings, the thumb should be the center, and the knee high boot socks should be folded from the thigh to the tip of the foot; Then gently pull it up from the toe to the thigh. In order to get the best dressing effect, the soles of the feet should be flat on the ground, then gently pull the stockings, and make sure that every part of the leg is fully coated.

(1) Reach into the stocking with one hand, pinch the heel of the sock, and turn the sock over to the heel with the other hand.
(2) Turn most of the stocking over and spread it smoothly so that the foot can easily reach into the stocking head.
(3) The thumbs of both hands support the inside of the stockings, the four fingers hold the body of the stockings, put the feet into the stockings, the thumbs of both hands hold the stockings outward, the four fingers coordinate with the thumb, pull the stockings towards the ankle, and put the heels of the stockings in the correct position.
(4) Turn the leg part of the knee high boot socks back step by step and pull it upward. After wearing them, the socks will be brushed flat.

3. The collocation of knee high boot socks for different occasions

(1) Go to work

For the professional women who are busy working every day, they can choose some net color knee high boot socks, such as silver gray, dark blue, and black, which can show a calm and wise side. For example: white thigh high stockings or beaded gray stockings with high brightness gray or white professional suit, simple, elegant and clean, clearly showing a woman's calm, intelligent and professional personality. Small fish mesh pattern with professional clothing also conveys a special style, both fashionable and decent.

(2) Leisure

Remove the solemn and serious office look and pair a knee-bare skirt with a pair of semi-transparent stockings that extend past the knee with braided folds and mini spots on the side, perfect for a weekend outing or a family getaway.

(3) At home

A pair of sexy knee high boot socks with the lace edge, matched with satin stiletto heels suitable for the bedroom, so that the full lines of jade-like legs in the skirt side are flashing, creating the most appealing and romantic woman.

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