The Effect of Bounce Grip Socks

The Effect of Bounce Grip Socks

1. The effect of bounce grip socks: treatment of varicose veins of lower limb, phlebitis and other venous diseases of the lower extremities

people who always need to maintain the same posture are likely to suffer from some occupational diseases. For example, teachers, salesmen and other people who need to stand for a long time can easily get varicose veins of lower limbs.


Varicose veins of lower limbs will make people feel like there are "little earthworms" "climbing"on the legs. At the beginning, you may not feel painful or itchy, but if the disease continues to develop, there may be a series of complications, such as thrombophlebitis, eczema, ulcer, acute bleeding. Therefore, some doctors suggest that these people might try medical bounce grip socks in order to make prevention and treatment.

2. The effect of bounce grip socks: pressure slimming, bodybuilding and leg slimming

The leg circumference will be reduced immediately after wearing the bounce grip socks, which is smaller than that when it is not worn. In terms of visual effect, the legs are more slender. If you insist on wearing them, the leg circumference will be reduced to varying degrees.The pressure of bounce grip socks is decompressed from the bottom to the top step by step, which meets the needs of human venous blood return pressure. It can effectively relieve the pressure of lower limb vein, improve local skin malnutrition, promote blood circulation, relieve and eliminate leg swelling and reduce fatigue. Horizontal pressure balanced support, which prevents fat droping of legs, keeps the shape of legs beautiful, and helps you reach the ideal shape of legs. The long-term use of body shaping bounce grip socks can continuously gently press the leg muscles and fat, promote blood circulation, consume leg energy, and have the effect of retracting, closing, pressing and lifting on the leg, preventing sagging, lifting the leg line, correcting the leg shape, and reducing the leg circumference. The pants type bounce grip socks can also play the role of hip lifting and abdominal contraction, and can prevent and treat varicose veins caused by long-term standing or walking to make your legs more beautiful,and make you healthier, feeling more relaxed.

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