The Origin, Development and Types of Crew Socks

The Origin, Development and Types of Crew Socks

1. The meaning of crew socks

Crew socks are very short socks that are so short that you can't see the socks or only see the edges of the socks after wearing shoes, and the socks are below the ankles. The name of the crew socks is because the shape of the socks is like a boat, because the length is up to the ankle, so it is also called "ankle socks", "crew socks", "super short socks", and in Taiwan, it is mostly called "invisible socks".

2. The origin and development of crew socks

Crew socks originated in Japan and were used for bare feet in the house, and later became popular all over the world. It is a kind of socks that open on the instep, and it looks like a boat when put on, hence the name "crew socks". Crew socks can come in many different styles: jacquard, warp knitted mesh cut and sewn, added foam pads, lace at the cuffs, and more.

Crew socks were born in the early 1980s when tennis apparel began to take off. The classic style of crew socks with two balls of fur at the ankle was re-introduced in the mid-2000s but has evolved into many styles, mostly used to complement skateboarding, followed by shorts or skirts. Some girls want to fully show the curves of their legs and feel that the protruding socks are not good-looking, so they will wear invisible socks. It is generally worn when exercising or when wearing an athleisure style, usually with shorts or hot pants. In fact, there are different types of crew cut socks, one is cotton, and the socks cover the instep; the authentic ones are generally silk, and sometimes you can't see them in princess shoes; one even only has the toe part.

3. Types of crew socks

The types of crew socks are lace, cotton, Korean version, invisible, and so on. Crew socks can also be divided into full crew socks and suspender crew socks.

4. Maintenance of crew socks

(1) Be careful not to let jewelry and nails scratch the surface when putting on or taking off socks.

(2) Prevent the heel from cracking in the dry season.

(3) Always check whether the inside of the shoe is flat to prevent unnecessary wear and tear caused by the debris.

(4) When washing crew socks, use neutral detergent and warm water to wash, do not wring dry, use a dry towel to absorb excess water.

(5) Dry the crew socks naturally in the shade.

(6) Do not expose to the sun, and do not iron crew socks.

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