Tips for Choosing the Color of Socks

Tips for Choosing the Color of Socks

Don't underestimate the fashion of socks. Sometimes a pair of socks can ruin your match, and sometimes it is the finishing touch. So it is essential to choose the right color of socks. Let's look at the tips for selecting the color of socks.

Choose the color of the socks according to the color of the clothes and shoes. Generally, the color of socks can be the same as the color of clothes and shoes or be the matching color. For example, if you wear a white T-shirt on your upper body, a short pink skirt on your lower body, and a pair of white canvas shoes, you can choose a pair of white socks or pink thin grip socks. This match is perfect and will not be strange. Generally, the color of socks can be the same as the color of clothes and shoes, but we need to give concrete analysis to the concrete conditions.

Ⅰ. The matching of socks and shoes

Socks are a transition between shoes and clothing, so we should consider the colors of the upper and lower clothing and the colors of the shoes. The basic color matching principle is that the color of the socks and shoes is aligned with that of upper clothing. The color of thin grip socks should be slightly lighter than shoes.

Ⅱ. The effect of socks on the leg shape

Women with short stature or short feet should make their legs look longer when choosing socks. For example, when wearing a knee-length skirt, the role of socks is to connect the knee-length skirt and the shoes without being obtrusive. Light-colored shoes are matched with skin color or white socks; dark-colored shoes can be matched with dark gray, transparent gray, and transparent black socks; when a knee-length skirt is light-colored, no matter how dark or light the shoes are, they should be matched with skin-tone stockings.

Ⅲ. What color of socks is suitable?

White is relatively clean. If you wear sportswear, white is better. If you wear a formal suit, the color of thin grip socks should be the same as or close to the color of leather shoes. Therefore, the suitable color of the socks needs to be considered from many aspects.

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