What are The Advantages of Trampoline Socks?

What are The Advantages of Trampoline Socks?

Trampoline is a competitive sport in which athletes show acrobatic skills by rebounding from a thin bed. It is a kind of gymnastics. With the continuous development of sports, fitness, and leisure industries, the trampoline has become a common entertainment activity in people's lives. People need to wear socks in the trampoline park. Because ordinary socks are generally woven from cotton materials when the feet are in direct contact with trampoline nets or thick blankets, the impact on the soles of the feet is very large, especially for beginners or amateurs, it will increase the risk of injury.

In order to solve the shortcomings of ordinary socks, trampoline socks with simple structure, safety and reliability appeared on the market. Innovate Socks can not only provide high-quality adult trampoline socks but also various styles of kids trampoline socks, which can meet your various needs. 

Features of Bulk Trampoline Socks

1. The diameter of the raised particles is 1-8mra, and there is a distance between two adjacent raised particles.

2. Multiple protrusions of the non-slip part are constructed into patterns to increase their ornamental properties.

3. The surface of the cushion layer is covered with a fluff layer to increase the comfort of the contact surface with the foot.

Trampoline socks are a sock body structure composed of a sock heel, a sock body, and a sock toe. A cushion layer is arranged inside the sock heel and the sock body to play a good cushioning effect. The bottom surface of the trampoline socks is provided with a plurality of circular sliding parts, the material of the sliding parts is plastic, and the bottom surface of the sliding parts is provided with anti-skid texture. Trampoline socks strengthen the function of the sliding part through the fluff layer and cushion the force of the feet so that people can effectively protect the feet when they are doing trampoline exercises, and the sliding part further improves the anti-slip performance of the socks, and the bottom of the socks is breathable And there is a gap between two adjacent protrusions, which can effectively drain moisture and breathe and avoid the breeding of bacteria on the feet.

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