Why Choose Compression Socks?

Why Choose Compression Socks?

Compression equipment was initially used in the medical field to assist in the treatment of swelling related diseases such as lymphedema. Doctors later found that it can not only play an auxiliary role in the treatment of varicose veins and other diseases but also prevent postoperative bedridden patients from thrombosis.

The principle of compression socks is to provide positive pressure to the one-way flow vascular valves. The pressure difference between ankle and knee can promote blood flow back to the heart, and at the same time resist the influence of gravity on blood flow to a certain extent. For people with limited mobility, the latter may lead to local blood flow obstruction (for example, long-distance travelers who often fly are advised to wear airline socks to prevent thrombosis in deep blood vessels).

The benefit of wearing airline compression socks

The fundamental benefit is to promote venous return and prevent deep venous thrombosis. In the process of running, comfortable compression socks can reduce the impact force when landing, making the running more smoothly, so as to reduce the degree of muscle fatigue, reduce the occurrence of delayed muscle soreness and promote recovery, to a certain extent, also reduce the risk of muscle injury.

We can see many runners wearing compression socks for running in many cross-country races. The main reason is that the track conditions of cross-country running are uncertain. Wearing compression socks can prevent them from being scratched by weeds and branches on the road. At the same time, due to the long distance of cross-country running, wearing compression socks can strengthen the coordination of muscles, which will be more labor-saving and reduce sports consumption and injury. We can clearly feel the compression socks play a certain role in the protection and support of our legs.

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