Why Choose Sports Socks When Exercising

Why Choose Sports Socks When Exercising

When people walk, the bear load of each foot is more than 120% of the body weight. When running, the bear load of each foot is even more than 300% of a person's own weight.

When walking, especially in outdoor sports such as hiking and mountaineering, people will find blisters or calluses on their feet, which is mainly caused by improper coordination between "socks", "feet" and "shoes". Since socks are in direct contact with feet, they should not only have the most basic function of keeping warm but also protect feet and reduce the friction between feet and shoes caused by walking. Therefore, socks should be attached to the feet as much as possible.

The blistering and callusing phenomenon of feet is that the socks are too thin or too hard, and the attachment to the feet is not close enough. Therefore, in the process of walking, the friction between the socks and the shoes is transformed into the friction between the feet and the socks. So especially in outdoor sports, good sports socks are particularly important.

In outdoor sports, some people think that as long as you wear thick socks, at least two pairs of cotton socks can provide adequate protection to the feet. This is reasonable because two pairs of socks can be better attached to the feet, reducing the friction between the feet and the socks and transforming it into the friction between the socks and the shoes. However, in this way, another problem has arisen. After a person walks a long distance, the feet will swell by 7%-8%, and the two pairs of socks will be tightly hooped on the entire feet, even above the ankle, causing the blood circulation of the feet to be impeded, which can cause some foot diseases. In winter or extremely cold areas, it will even cause unnecessary frostbite.

Thus, when in outdoor sports, it's necessary to wear sports socks because they can protect your feet well and prevent your feet from blistering and callusing.

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