Airline Stockings: Avoid "Economy Class Syndrome"

Airline Stockings: Avoid "Economy Class Syndrome"

One disadvantage of taking the plane is that it takes a long time to sit and restricts the leg movement, which will result in various leg symptoms, such as the heaviness and tiredness of legs, the swelling of the feet, ankles as well as legs. What's worse, it may cause "economy class syndrome", a serious disease in which blood clots form in the deep veins of the legs.

The risk of thrombosis will increase under long-time sit. This serious disease is also known as "traveler's thrombosis" or "economy class syndrome", which refers to sitting for a long time with bent legs when traveling by plane, bus, train or car. It limits the mobility of the legs and results in forming blood clots in the deep veins of the legs, so pressure stockings for air travel would be comfortable for people in traveling.

Under normal circumstances, the leg muscles act as a pump system to support venous return from the feet to the heart. If the leg movement is restricted, the movement of the leg muscle pump will also be restricted and blood will begin to stagnate in the leg veins, which increases the risk of blood clot. Besides, this risk will further increase due to the compression of the leg veins caused by sitting for a long time.

The "economy class syndrome" may occur to anyone on the journey, but certain risk factors such as advanced age, cardiac insufficiency, obesity, pregnancy, ingestion of hormone products due to contraception or menopause, recent surgery as well as severe varicose veins, will further increase the risk of "economy class syndrome".

To alleviate the symptoms of heaviness, pain and swelling of the legs while taking the plane, wearing airline stockings is a simple as well as comfortable way. Airline stockings have been proved to be reliable to prevent travel-related leg symptoms.

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