Several Types of Socks for Babies

Several Types of Socks for Babies

As the saying goes, "cold starts at the feet", so babies' feet have to be kept warm in autumn and winter, and socks can be the most important tool for babies to keep warm. However, many mothers and fathers do not realize the importance of baby socks and are not sure how to choose the most suitable socks for their babies. Therefore, when some parents feel that the weather is cold, they put on thick socks for their babies. But this is just wrong! Because the body of a baby is different from that of an adult, wearing thick socks is not only not suitable for the growth characteristics of a baby, but may also affect the baby's growth and development!

1. Several types of socks suitable for babies

(1) Anti-slip socks

Anti-slip socks have soft rubber material on the bottom, which can effectively prevent babies from slipping when running and jumping. However, mothers should note that anti-slip socks are external socks, so avoid letting babies wear them inside shoes.

(2) Cotton socks

Cotton socks are the most suitable socks for babies, as cotton material absorbs sweat better and is comfortable for babies to wear. Mothers should try to buy 100% cotton socks for their babies.

(3) Wool socks

Wool socks are suitable for babies to wear in winter. The main component is wool and cotton. The socks have some elasticity and will make the baby comfortable to wear. Try not to buy highly elastic acrylic socks for your baby. If you find that your baby's socks have lost their elasticity or the soles of the feet have become thin, please replace them in time.

2. Socks selected for babies in winter

(1) Simple colors

When customizing baby socks for your baby, choose something with simple colors. Those that are too bright in color may be dyed with a lot of chemical ingredients. Such ingredients are undoubtedly bad for the baby's health.

(2) Pure cotton material

It is important to choose the material for the baby's socks, not to buy some nylon socks and so on, because the breathability of such socks is too poor. For the baby, the baby socks must be made of high quality cotton. Even if they are not 100% cotton, they should at least be 90% cotton. With good breathability, cotton socks are good at absorbing sweat and are perfect for babies.

(3) The right size

Socks, like shoes, should be of the right size. Socks that are too big do not suit the foot and can easily fall off, while those that are too small will make the baby uncomfortable to wear. Babies' feet are different from adults', with short ankles and stubby calves. Therefore, you should not choose socks that are too tight and too long, as they can strangle your baby's ankles and calves and affect their activities and blood circulation. Therefore, it is important to choose baby socks that are the right size, with a wider opening and the right amount of elasticity.

(4) Check the threads

Newly bought socks should be turned upside down and all the threads inside should be cut off to prevent the threads from winding around the toes and causing poor blood circulation. One baby almost had to have toes amputated because of a hair strand wrapped around toes, which led to a lack of blood flow. So moms and dads must pay attention to these small details!

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