Maintenance and Cleaning of Airline Socks

Maintenance and Cleaning of Airline Socks

Socks are indispensable consumer goods for everyone, and airline socks have gradually become common with the popularity of long-distance flight. So how to maintain and clean your airline socks?

1. Maintenance of airline socks

(1) Regardless of the price and quality of airline socks, soak them in a little salt water before wearing them, and then take them out to dry naturally, which makes them more durable.

(2) Please pay attention to washing the socks separately after wearing. One is to prevent socks from being scratched by other socks, and the other is to prevent bacteria on feet from spreading to other clothes.

(3) No matter what kinds of socks are, they should be washed and changed frequently. After changing airlines socks, soak them in clean water for about 1 hour, and then wipe them with soap and hot water to make the dirt fall off more easily.

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2. Cleaning of airline socks

(1) Remember that dirt on airline socks cannot be washed by washing machine. We usually need to wash our socks by hand. When cleaning, we need to rub the dirty part on the palm, fingers can rub it into small parts. With medium pressure by hands, decontamination can be completed quickly.

(2) When washing white aviation socks, we can drop a few drops of 84 disinfectant in the water. However, it is corrosive and not recommended to use frequently.

(3) Skillful use of washing water of rice: washing water of rice is a kind of natural cleaner and kitchen cleaner. Soak dirty airline socks in rice water for 20 minutes, which can remove stains on socks more effectively.

(4) Clever use of washing powder and soap: after white airline socks turn yellow, soak them in washing powder for about 10 minutes, then rub them with hands, rinse them twice, and then soak them in soap for about 5 minutes. Then rub hard for a while, and finally rinse with water.

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