Baby Socks Need to be Carefully Selected

Baby Socks Need to be Carefully Selected

1. The importance of baby socks

 Many mothers tend to choose warm, beautiful and small socks for their babies. Compared with adult socks, baby socks must be carefully picked, so as not to affect the health of baby feet. Since the baby is unable to express his discomfort through words, mother should be more considerate when picking baby socks and must pay attention to the following points:


2. Matters needing attention when picking baby socks

(1) Choose loose and short socks

Considering that the legs of the baby have not developed completely, and his or her calf is also short and thick, baby socks that are basically a little bit longer than low-cut liners socks will be a good choice. In addition, the socks should be loose enough, the baby will not feel tight when putting a finger in after putting them on.

Tip: If the socks you bought are very tight, you can put a roll of paper into the socks to stretch them for generally 1-2 days.


(2) Cut off residual threads

For a pair of newly bought socks, you need to turn them over to see if there is any residual thread and cut off threads in time with a scissor, so as to avoid poor blood circulation caused by the threads that wrap around the toes.

Tip: You can turn over the socks when wearing. This is because the socks usually have a very smooth surface, look good without thread as required by baby socks manufacturers, for the sake of baby safety.


(3) Choose high-quality socks

Older babies may run around the house wearing only baby socks, which requires mothers to buy better-quality socks, such as socks with thick soles, tight and firm seams, or 100% cotton socks that feature sweat absorption and good breathability, and are less likely to wear out the skin.

Tip: You can turn the socks over to see if there is any bad stitches on the toes section to eliminate discomfort for babies.

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