Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Airline Socks

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Airline Socks

The airline socks are the kind of socks that contain elastic rubber, not ordinary socks. They are able to promote the blood from the vein of lower extremities flowing back to the heart through the different pressure gradients from the ankle to the thigh (the ankle pressure is the strongest which decreases upwards along the legs, while the thigh pressure is the least and the loosest). Wearing airline socks while flying can prevent varicose veins and reduce the pain and discomfort associated with plantar fasciitis.

Next, let's share you with some common questions and answers about airline socks.

1. How to choose airline socks that are suitable for us?

Before selecting and buying airline socks, it is necessary to measure three numerical values: the diameter of the ankle, the largest diameter of the calf (the thickest part of the calf), and the length of the leg, then choose the corresponding size according to these sizes. Otherwise, it will be either too tight causing uncomfortable or too loose without effect.

2. Will wearing airline socks all day long restrict blood flow?

It will not. In principle, airline socks only need to be worn during the day when stand or sit still. In other words, wearing airline socks is the same as wearing ordinary socks, putting them on in the morning and taking them off at night. Do not wear them for 24 hours, otherwise it will not be good for the skin and will easily cause itching and rash.

When taking an international flight, just put them on before boarding and take them off after getting off the plane.

3. Is there an expiry date for airline socks?

For that the airline socks contain rubber components, and the rubber is easily aging, which will result in the descent of elastic gradient, so no matter how often you wear them, it is recommended to replace a pair in half a year, and the longest time should not be more than one year.

4. Can the airline socks be washed?

They need to be cleaned as they are socks, but they should be washed in warm water with a neutral detergent, do not wring out them on account of that the rubber inside will be damaged if wrung out hard. In addition, they should be naturally dried in the shade and not exposed to the sun, because exposure in the sun will age the rubber and affect the service life of airline socks.

5. The leg guards used for exercise can be used as airline socks?

The leg guards and the airline socks are not the same thing. The main function of leg guards is to protect the knee joints by increasing the stability of the joints, which has no elastic gradient, so it can not be used as airline socks.

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