Barefoot VS Custom Yoga Socks

Barefoot VS Custom Yoga Socks

1. Barefoot or wearing custom yoga socks when practicing yoga?

When practicing yoga, some people choose to wear custom yoga socks, while some people like being barefoot. Each has its own advantages. For beginners, barefoot practice can better grasp the position of the stress point, and can also let the feet get rid of the shackles, so as to better grasp the key points and make certain adjustments to the posture. While in cold winter, you can also wear custom yoga socks. First of all, it can keep warm. Secondly, professional yoga socks have anti-skid particles, which are made of special materials to increase friction and absorb foot sweat. It is an effective auxiliary tool. In the process of yoga practice, the special custom yoga socks can not only effectively prevent the yoga practitioners from sliding when they do exercise, but also effectively protect the safety of yoga practitioners. And with the help of yoga socks, many yoga practitioners can easily grasp the essence of some yoga actions, increasing the effect and harvest of yoga practice. Yoga practitioners will sweat on their feet during practice, which will make the floor or public yoga mat very unsanitary. Yoga socks can not only effectively maintain your own health, but also maintain public health. It's an auxiliary product of practicing yoga.

2. The material of custom yoga socks

The bottom of traditional custom yoga socks are made of water absorbing materials which are adopted by most special anti-skid socks, but some of them are made of new fast-dry materials which have greatly improved water absorption, quick drying and durability. The traditional yoga socks also adopt a special terry structure at the bottom to provide cushioning and shock absorption for the feet in sports. In addition, the custom yoga socks will be added with anti-skid particles on the back side, which can effectively prevent yoga practitioners from sliding when they do exercises, and effectively protect the safety of yoga practitioners.

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