Why Choose Ankle Socks?

Why Choose Ankle Socks?

Someone said: "Look at his lower part of the body if you want to read a man." Here the lower part refers to men's trousers and shoes.


People are used to judging people’s taste or even attitude towards life from what they wear. Therefore, you have to stand in front of your closet every morning for half an hour to select the clothes and then look in the mirror several times before you can get out on the subway without worries.


However, when you are late for work every day because you have to get dressed well, you may not realize that all of your hard work will be completely crushed by one small detail.


This detail is the soul that is hidden at the junction of the pants and shoes – the socks.


When spring, summer, and autumn come, many people will choose crew cut socks as the first choice. It is mainly because most people do not want to expose the socks edges. With the crew cut socks on, it looks like you don't wear any socks if you roll up your pants while walking on the street.




The welt of crew length socks is usually below the ankle, so they are also called ankle socks, and some people call them invisible socks. Ankle socks originated in Japan and were only used indoors, and they didn't become outdoor socks until the early 1880s. At that time, ankle socks were only worn when playing tennis. In addition, ankle socks only belonged to girls then. Nowadays, a lot of boys are also very fond of wearing ankle socks, because they not only can create a visual effect of wearing no socks but also can make people look neater.


Except that it cannot be worn with formal wear, ankle socks can match with almost any style of clothing. In other words, ankle socks are the requisite socks that you can wear for all but formal occasions. For example, matching sneakers with ankle socks show a strong street style.


All in all, Innovate Socks is one of the socks manufacturers in china, we want to tell everyone that never underestimates the effect of wearing socks. The truth is very simple: It is a kind of butterfly effect in clothing philosophy. However you match the clothing, the overall style can be destroyed by a pair of improper socks. In fact, there is no difference between people, but it is possible to become the final winner only by focusing on every detail!

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