Why Choose Cotton Fibre Socks?

Why Choose Cotton Fibre Socks?

Socks are small accessories that people wear every day, but they are easy to be ignored by people. What factors will make the price gap of a pair of socks so big? 

What kind of custom cotton socks should we buy?


First of all, we should know that socks are made of surface fabric and inner layer fabric. Choose different fiber raw materials, the price of socks will vary.


Cotton fiber is the most common natural vegetable fiber. Compared with ordinary polyester nylon chemical fiber, cotton fiber socks are more sweat absorbing and comfortable. It feels soft rather than stiff when touching the skin, which makes all 100 percent pure cotton socks more comfortable. Cotton yarn is generally divided into carded cotton and combed cotton. Combed cotton has one more carding process than carded cotton, which removes shorter fibers and leaves longer and neat fibers, making the fabric more durable and less prone to pilling and fluffing.


What is mentioned above is just spinning technology. According to the length of the fiber, it can be divided into fine staple cotton and long stapled cotton. Generally, the so-called combed cotton on the market is fine cotton combed. Only high-end products are combed with long stapled cotton.  The commonly used yarn count of socks is 21, 32, and 40, generally spinning more than 50 will use long stapled cotton combing. The more the yarn count is used, the finer the yarn is, and the higher the price is.


The inner fabric is the side that contacts the foot skin and is woven with covered yarn as raw material. Covered yarn is a stretch yarn formed by covering elongational spandex filaments with filament or short fiber yarns in a spiral manner.

As one of the custom sock manufacturers, we help our customers customize 100 percent pure cotton socks.

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