How to Better Use Your Custom Yoga Socks?

How to Better Use Your Custom Yoga Socks?

1. Select suitable custom yoga socks

As there are three different styles of custom yoga socks in the market (back, five-toe and open-toe) , the first thing we need to do is to choose the right style when buying the custom non slip yoga socks. According to the effective feedback of yoga socks users, in terms of air permeability, the open-toe style of custom yoga socks will be slightly better than the back style and five-toe style. In the wrapping of feet, the five-toe yoga socks are the most superior, while the back and open-toe yoga socks are relatively inferior. In terms of the convenience of wearing and taking off yoga socks, the non slip yoga socks of back style are the most superior, and the five-toe style and open-toe style will be slightly inferior. Therefore, when you buy custom yoga socks, you can first choose according to your own needs. As a professional yoga socks manufacturer, Zhuji Innovate Socks Co., Ltd. will provide you with the most suitable custom yoga socks. Welcome to contact us at any time to consult the most suitable yoga socks for you.

2. How to better use custom yoga socks in yoga practice

In the case of improper use, yoga anti slip socks may tight for feet. Therefore, in order to better use yoga socks, when practicing, users can always users can consciously control their core strength. Don't rely too much on your feet. For example, in triangle posture, it's a great test of anti-skid ability to press the whole body's strength on one foot. But if you control the core consciously and put it on the hip when practicing, the pressure on your feet will be less, and the experience of strangulation produced by yoga socks will be much less. In the process of running in with custom yoga socks, yoga practitioners can also exercise their control ability more consciously.

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