How to Choose Good Airline Socks?

How to Choose Good Airline Socks?

With the popularity of long-distance travel, airline socks are gradually popularized in the process of flight. So how can consumers choose better airline socks? Next, we will introduce some tips for you to choose airline socks.

1. Choose a reliable brand of airline socks

As there are many different manufacturers of airline socks in the market, consumers should first choose a reliable brand. As the socks manufacturers in china, Zhuji Innovate Socks Co.,Ltd promises to strictly regulate the raw materials and technology of airline socks, improve the inspection standards and ensure the product quality.

2. Choose airline socks according to your needs

Choosing good quality airline socks is like choosing the suitable underwear. When you put on socks of different qualities, the feeling will be very different. The choice of airline socks should vary from person to person, and consumers can choose the most suitable socks according to their own needs. For example, skin color is chosen by many people, which can be matched with various fashions; then the gray airline socks will be natural and generous, which is better matched with casual clothes; the black airline socks are sexy and versatile, which can be a tool embellishment for many girls.

3. Choose high quality airline socks.

The quality of socks in the industry can be summarized by "tight, loose, large, smooth, flat and clear", that is, the crotch and leg of socks must be tight, the bottom of socks must be loose, the heel of socks must be large, the surface of socks must be smooth, the crotch must be flat, the stitch and pattern are clear, and the toes and heels are not exposed. However, for airline socks, the surface should also be checked for smoothness. High quality airline socks should not expose the silk head, so as to avoid threading. When you look at the thickness of socks, you will find that there is always a "D" letter on the packaging bag, which is the abbreviation of Denny, and it represents the thickness of socks. Generally speaking, 40D-60D is the thickness of socks for spring and autumn, 60D and above for winter; D value of summer socks is generally below 20, and 5D is ultra-thin socks. At present, there is a kind of warm thick socks for winter, whose D value is as high as 1600 or more.

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