How to Choose Medical Compression Socks?

How to Choose Medical Compression Socks?

1. The difference between medical compression socks and ordinary socks

The so-called medical compression socks mean compression socks for medical use. The so-called medical use refers to:

(1) Obtain the medical device production certificate, that is to say, the production standards meet the relevant national standards.

(2) Products that have legally obtained CFDA Food and Drug Administration registration certificate.

2. Principle and material of medical compression socks

(1) Principle of action of medical compression socks

Through the step pressure produced by socks on the foot and ankle of the human body from the bottom up, we can achieve the prevention and auxiliary treatment of venous diseases caused by lower limb venous blood reflux disorders.

(2) Materials for medical compression socks

Strong pressure is the biggest characteristic that can explain why medical compression socks are different from ordinary stockings. In terms of the material, we can see that there are no more than these major factories on the market: spandex (also known as Falaika), chinlon, nylon and cotton.

3. The price of medical compression socks

If it is the product with the above mentioned two certificates, because the material itself is not much different, the price of medical compression socks is subject to the brand and its processing technology, output and distribution channels. It's easy to think about the thing when it is compared with mobile phones.

If the product has only one of the certificates mentioned above, such as the medical device manufacturing license, it is very likely that the product is on sale because the process pf product registration certificate application is too long and the certificate has not been obtained. There are a large number of these products for sale online, with prices ranging from dozens to hundreds. If it is purely preventive, you can buy them carefully according to your personal needs. For treatment to relieve symptoms, it is recommended to consider more.

There are also many products online that are called medical compression socks without either a medical device manufacturing license or a medical device registration license. The price may be the same as that of ordinary street stockings. For people without varicose veins or with the low risk of venous thrombosis (not those who sit for a long time and have not undergone surgery recently), if you want to buy them, you should buy them as ordinary stockings. It's not recommended for people who already have varicose veins or are at high risk for venous thrombosis (those who sit and stand for a long time and have recently had surgery).

4. On the effect of medical compression socks

First of all, the effect is linked with the product quality. At present, whether it is domestic or imported, there is no big difference in the technology, production equipment and material. You can choose the medical compression socks that meet your price expectation. What’s more, the choice is actually determined by whether the model you choose matches with your leg size. That is to say, the principle of graded compression is that it can give you appropriate pressure on different parts of your legs to help blood circulation. Some manufacturers also support customization of this part, and the price will be much higher.

5. Purchase channels of medical compression socks

It can be bought in the hospital, or online (Taobao, Pinduoduo, you name it). Then look at the price. At present, there is no scientific research data to prove the effectiveness of products of each brand. Although at online shopping platforms customers can read reviews, most of the time they are just good reviews. So when buying medical compression socks, please buy carefully.

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