How to Distinguish the Quality of Happy Socks?

How to Distinguish the Quality of Happy Socks?

1. Raw materials of happy socks

The yarns of high-quality happy socks are mainly made of cotton, combed cotton, natural fiber, bamboo fiber, and bast fiber. These are all raw materials of high-quality happy socks, which are cool and breathable in summer and can warm feet in winter.

① Picking up a yarn of the socks with a needle, it should be noted that it

is the yarn with no elasticity, and then burn it with a lighter, if the smell is pungent plastic smell, and it burns into a ball like hair, which proves the socks are large chemical fiber socks. If it does not burn into a ball, there is dust falling, besides,the burning smell is the same as burning paper, which proves those are cotton socks.

In addition, if the cotton socks have been worn for a long time, the surface layer will fall off layer by layer. Remember that it is layer by layer, and the better the cotton, the more obvious this condition.

2. Workmanship of happy socks

The well-made happy socks are natural and comfortable to wear, mainly depending on whether they are soft enough and how is the density routing.

3. Smell of happy socks

Happy style socks are divided into socks knitted with colored yarn and the socks knitted before dying. If the socks are knitted with colored yarn, they will have no peculiar smell and will have a faint fragrance; if they are knitted before dying, they will have a strange smell.

4. Sewing of happy socks

Open the happy socks. If there are braid-like threads inside, it means that they are machine-sewn, and the threads without braids are hand-sewn and are of relatively better quality, and they are more comfortable to wear.

5. Trademark of happy socks

The color of the paper card on the reverse side of the trademark of large chemical fiber socks is gray, because this kind of trademark is extremely cheap, some small manufacturers will not be willing to use expensive trademark to pack socks, and the trademark is very rough in workmanship. Besides, it is soft as well as thin, and the pattern is also very simple. On the contrary, a good trademark paper card is thick and the reverse side of the paper card is pure white.

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