Invisible Crew Cut Socks, Giving Barefoot Feeling when Worn

Invisible Crew Cut Socks, Giving Barefoot Feeling when Worn

Invisible crew cut socks, also known as "invisible socks" or "boat-shaped socks", originated in Japan. They are short socks with an opening at the back of the foot, mainly used for indoor barefoot wear. Because they look like boats when worn, they are called "crew cut socks". Crew socks appeared in the early 1980s, when tennis apparel began to rise in popularity. The classic style had two fluffy balls at the ankle, which became popular again in the mid-2000s. However, many different styles have since emerged, mainly used to match skateboarding clothing, followed by shorts or skirts. Some girls wear invisible crew length socks because they want to show off their leg curves and don't want the socks to stick out, so they usually wear them when exercising or in a sporty and leisure style, usually with shorts or hot pants.

Advantages of crew cut socks

The biggest advantage of crew cut socks is that they are very short socks that cannot be seen inside shoes. Even if they can be seen, only the edge of the sock can be seen. Compared to regular socks, low-cut shoes look better with crew cut socks. In addition, in hot weather, wearing other types of socks can be very hot, whereas wearing crew cut socks is cooler. Another point is that crew cut socks are very versatile and suitable for many types of shoes, such as canvas shoes, sneakers, and other low-cut shoes. When wearing low-cut canvas shoes or sneakers, avoid exposing a part of the sock at the shoe opening. To avoid discomfort from not wearing socks, you can choose to wear invisible crew cut socks.

Popularity trends of crew cut socks

Unlike regular socks, crew cut socks are usually shorter in length, with the sock opening below the ankle. They are called crew cut socks because they look like boats and are often referred to as "invisible socks" because they are often not visible when shoes are worn. 

In Europe and North America, crew cut socks are a type of ankle-length sock that visually appears as if the wearer is not wearing socks, and is suitable for most casual shoes. This type of crew cut socks can prevent men from experiencing embarrassment from excessive foot sweat and odor during summer activities.

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