People Who Stand for a Long Time Should Wear Compression Support Socks to Prevent Varicose Veins in the Lower Limbs

People Who Stand for a Long Time Should Wear Compression Support Socks to Prevent Varicose Veins in the Lower Limbs

Varicose veins of the lower limbs mean the dilation and tortuosity of superficial veins of the lower limbs, which is a common and frequently-occurring disease. Relevant preventive measures in daily life should be paid attention to, and compression support socks can slow the development and progression of varicose veins.

1. Compression support socks are suitable for those who stand for a long time

For those who stand for a long time such as janitors, salespeople, instrument nurse in operating room, and patients with early varicose veins, the best compression socks for standing all day with preventability and gradient compression support socks are recommended because they are effective in stimulating blood flow back to the heart. When standing for long periods, you'd better always tiptoe and let the heel rise and fall, or often squat, which can make the calf muscles contract and avoid blood pooling in the calf veins.

2.  Compression support socks can also be worn at rest

Standing workers should lie on their backs at rest, raising the lower limbs more than 30 cm above the level of the heart for 15 minutes. In this way, lower limb veins are prone to reflux to the heart. Wearing compression support socks can reduce the venous valve burden and relieve blood pressure on the lower limb veins. Standing workers should sit correctly and not cross their legs.

3. Compression support socks can be worn with high heels

High heels put undue pressure on the veins of the lower leg, which restricts blood flow to the small leg veins where the heart regurgitates. Flat shoes should be worn because they help prevent varicose veins; you can walk barefoot or in slippers if you can, which can improve blood circulation and exercises muscles in the feet. However, be sure to wear padded sneakers and compression support socks when exercising.

4. The benefits of wearing compression support socks

By wearing compression socks, standing workers can do proper physical exercises such as walking, jogging, riding, and swimming. Those exercises are all great ways to build muscle and lose fat and build endurance. Compression support socks can improve blood circulation throughout the body without increasing venous pressure. You should maintain your ideal weight because being overweight will increase circulatory pressure throughout the body, further aggravating the burden of the lower limb vein wall.

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