Wearing the Right Socks Will Prevent Blisters

Wearing the Right Socks Will Prevent Blisters

Blisters on the feet are something that many runners have had, which reduce their enjoyment of running. Blisters can be seen frequently on the heels, arches, toes and even under the metatarsal balls, seriously affecting running, then, buying anti blister running socks is a good choice!

1. Wrong athletic quarter socks can cause foot blistering

For runners, the wrong type of new shoes or socks usually causes blisters because the socks will become humid with temperature elevated in the shoes when people are running. If the socks cannot dissipate heat and absorb moisture, blisters appear easily. If blisters appear on the runner's feet, they should be dealt with promptly. On the one hand, it is to prevent the infection, on the other hand, it is to let runners recover as soon as possible without affecting running.

2. Blisters on the runners' feet can be prevented with right athletic toe socks on

(1) Running shoes that don't fit your feet are most likely to cause blisters. Therefore, the best way to buy running shoes is to go to a physical store so that you can try them on and find the most comfortable shoes, which can effectively solve the problem of foot blistering.

(2) Remember never to buy shoes that squeeze your feet, otherwise wearing them once will make your feet blistered. Athletic toe socks are also very important because the soles of feet are more prone to friction in a wet environment, and buying athletic quarter sock with better sweat absorption can keep the soles of feet dry.

(3) Before wearing athletic quarter socks, you can also apply some lubricants such as petroleum jelly on the soles of feet, which can effectively relieve the friction on the soles of feet to prevent blisters.

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