Simple Tips Teach You How to Distinguish Between Chemical Fiber Socks and Pure Cotton Socks?

Simple Tips Teach You How to Distinguish Between Chemical Fiber Socks and Pure Cotton Socks?

Socks belong to small commodities. Many customers may not pay attention to the material of the socks when they choose. When they walk a lot, they may experience excessive foot sweat, strong odor, and slippery feet in socks, which is mostly due to the poor quality of the socks.

1. The advantages of pure cotton socks

Pure cotton socks are soft, comfortable, non-odorous, sweat-absorbent and air-permeable. The sweat-absorbing properties of pure cotton socks will make your feet feel dry and comfortable in summer. As long as you change a pair of it every day, they will be neither smelly nor wet, which is more helpful for sweaty feet.

If socks are made of polyester or acrylic fiber and other chemical fibers, although they look like pure cotton socks, they will be slippery, smelly, and stuffy when worn on the feet.

2. To distinguish between pure cotton socks and other chemical fiber socks

(1) By touching

The pure cotton fabric feels full and thick. Compared with other fabric of the same thickness, pure cotton socks have higher elasticity.

(2) By looking

Check whether there is "Aurora" in the pure cotton fabric by using both hands to flatten the fabric and adding a certain tension. The fabric is at a 45-degree angle to the body and hold it to the light source to see if there is any dazzling light flashing. If there is, it proves that there is  chemical fiber in it.

(3) By pinching

There are obvious wrinkles after pinching the pure cotton. Fold the pure cotton sock fabric in half and use your nails to scratch them. After unfolding, there is a clear fold line, while the chemical fiber fabric has no wrinkles after pinching.

(4) By burning

The cotton fiber does not melt or shrink near the flame. It burns immediately when it comes into direct contact with the fire. When it burns, it smells like burning paper. When it finishes burning, it becomes a thin and soft flocculent ash without coking.

Pure cotton has good air permeability and is comfortable to wear. The identification method depends on the feel, which depends on experience! The best way is to burn it with fire. The ashes after burning pure cotton socks are white powder, and there are no particles or lumps pinched by hand. The burning ashes of chemical fiber products will condense into particles or lumps, which are hard to crush by hand.

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