The Disadvantage of Improper Sock Selection

The Disadvantage of Improper Sock Selection

"My socks slide to the center of my soul as I run. Then I stop to take off my shoes and pull my socks, and I have to repeat it before I have run too far..."


"Today I had a long-distance run, and unexpectedly my feet had several big blisters. Ouch! It hurts me so much!"


“ The socks and shoes are always rubbing against each other... The more your feet sweat, the more uncomfortable they get...”


You may have experienced the above scenes a lot, and you must be wondering why you are still in such a mess even if the running shoes are very breathable, supportive, and shock-resistant. You have got the right shoes, but are you wearing the right socks?




In daily life, socks always can not get the attention they deserve, and they always act as a foil to shoes. People have a fixed idea that shoes usually play the role of protecting the feet, and the quality of shoes determines how far we can go. However, everyone has neglected that socks are the ones keep intimate contact with feet for a long time!


With the incorrect choice of personalized socks, the shoes will also cause direct damage to the feet. If you don't choose the right socks, the following pain will occur:


1. Tendon pain

Improper socks can easily cause such acute injuries during short exercises.


2. Foot blisters

Almost everyone suffered from foot blisters. The blisters will not threaten our lives, but the pain is quite afflictive. In general, unsuitable equipment is the biggest cause of this.


3. Calf muscle pain

If you are too alive and kicking outdoors, for example, you run too fast when running down a mountain, but the socks and shoes do not fit very well, it will easily lead to calf muscle pain.


Don't be afraid. As long as you choose the proper custom socks china, they will have good protection and support for your feet. If the right pair of sneakers plays 15% in a player’s athletic skills, then a pair of socks can influence 5% of the performance, but the cost of custom socks china is far less than a third of the price of sneakers.

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