The Principle and Material of Bounce Grip Socks

The Principle and Material of Bounce Grip Socks

Principle of Bounce Grip Socks

Due to the influence of gravity, workers who stand or sit for a long time would accumulate the venous blood of legs in the lower half of the body, causing the fatigue or swelling of legs, and even the veins would emerge in serious cases. In order to keep the beauty of the legs, we must prevent and wear bounce grip socks as soon as possible to eliminate the possibility of occurrence.

Bounce grip socks are also the secret weapon of keeping beautiful legs advocated by many popular stars. We should get used to wearing bounce grip socks instead of general socks, which has long-term benefits for health and beauty. And the medical sequential decompression bounce grip socks are also the product with the function of promoting venous blood return to the heart.

The material of Bounce Grip Socks

Like stockings, there are many materials of bounce grip socks, such as cotton, nylon, and wool blend. The bounce grip socks made of nylon or spandex keep the original elastic force and shaping properties. But nylon material is easy to break, The situation of scraping on sharp objects and being broken is very common. And the bounce grip socks made of cotton or cotton wool are more effective in keeping warm. The standard for making one-piece bounce grip socks is that the top part (waist) is very elastic, and the part covering the hip is thicker than that of the leg. Crotch bottom is also made of a strong material which is cotton. The legs and feet, up to the toes, are made of the thinnest fabric, with thick knots are patched at the toes.

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