The Selection Skills of Stockings and Matters Needing Attention

The Selection Skills of Stockings and Matters Needing Attention

Stockings can be regarded as a kind of athletic socks. Stockings are similar in texture to athletic socks, which can keep warm and improve blood circulation in the legs. In the spring and autumn or early winter, it is a good choice for women who wear skirts to match the knee high boot socks.

1. The selection skills of knee high boot socks

(1) First of all, the choice should be based on body type and leg type

Colorful stockings, such as red, blue and other colors, are only suitable for women with beautiful legs and slim figures. For girls with symmetrical body shape and long legs, if they put on a pair of transparent thin stockings, it will appear more elegant; For women with thick legs, it is appropriate to wear dark, straight or fine striped stockings, which can make the legs appear thinner. If the legs are thick and short at the same time, it is not suitable to wear stockings, and it is suitable to wear darker or transparent taupe, dark brown socks, and if the color of socks can be consistent with the color of shoes, it can also give people the feeling of slender.

(2) Choose according to your skin tone

Stockings come in a variety of colors, so choose them according to your skin tone. For fair-skinned women, flesh-colored and light-brown stockings are best, because they can give a harmonious, unified aesthetic, rather than black. And for the girls with dark skin, it is not suitable to wear white stockings, because the contrast between it and skin color is too strong, which will give rise to the fault or top-heavy visual feelings, thus losing the sense of beauty.


(3) Choose according to the clothing color collocation

The choice of knee high boot socks is intrinsically related to clothing, especially the color and texture of skirts, as well as the color and style of shoes. To pay attention to the harmony of skirt, shoes, and stockings, it can appear both charming and lovely. Generally, the more complicated the clothing is, the simpler the stocking should be.

Finally, when buying stockings, women should also pay attention to the color of the sock inside the bag, which is darker than the color on the leg. So choose stockings that are a little darker than your preferred color. When wearing knee high boot socks, you should not wrap your upper body tightly.

2. Precautions for knee high boot socks

(1) Prevent sliding

The knee high boot socks tend to slip because of the hem. The following tips can prevent them from slipping: First place a coin on the side of the sock, and then tuck the sock down. This is because people's legs are thinner from the top down, and because the bottom is thinner than the top, the side of the stockings will be easy to loose. Besides, the rolled up stockings have a certain weight, so the stockings began to slide, that is to say, the more stockings are rolled up, the more serious the sliding situation. If you put a coin in the top of the sock, the sock will not roll and the sock will not slide down. In addition, the coin is very light and slippery, which does not make people feel uncomfortable.

(2) Protection

Soak new and unused knee high boot socks in lukewarm water for a while, wring them out or run them through a dryer, and iron them with a low temperature iron. The durability of stockings treated in this way is greatly improved.

(3) Washing

When washing stockings, try to choose warm water by hand. Do not throw into the washing machine for cleaning, because the ripple caused by rapid rotation of the washing machine will make socks suffer severe damage, causing socks to lose the elasticity and luster. If you want to use a washing machine, it is best to put the knee high boot socks in a gauze bag and then put them in the washing machine. If you wash by hand, do not use hard soap to polish or sprinkle washing powder to rub, it is best to use detergent to knead lightly. After washing the socks, try not to twist them hard, so as not to destroy the fiber tissue of the stockings and cause damage to the stockings. Don't patch with plaster or sew with thread. It won't work and will ruin the beauty.

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