Is Choosing the Right Sports Socks More Important than Choosing the Running Shoes?

Is Choosing the Right Sports Socks More Important than Choosing the Running Shoes?

1. The importance of sports socks

Running requires a pair of good shoes. Although socks look common, they can have the same effect as shoes in running. The quality of sports socks will directly affect your running experience in the most intuitive way, and is even more important for people who sweat easily.

The foot has been called the "second heart" of human. Sports socks are the closest things to your feet. Due to distance factor and road conditions encountered in running, our feet are in constant movement and blisters can develop easily because of a slight negligence. Although blisters are not a major injury or pain, they will definitely affect your running performance. Therefore, choosing the right sports socks is very important to prevent blisters and foot injuries.

2. How to choose the right sports socks?

1. Comfortable design

High-top running shoes naturally match with high-top socks, so as to make sure the shoes do not come into direct contact with the skin. When buying sports socks, do not buy low-cut socks, as socks that go beyond the ankle are better for running.

2. Packaging

Professional sports socks rely on unique weaving techniques, yarns and textile technology to increase their thickness, so that the feet are wrapped by socks in a three-dimensional way for better protection. When buying sports socks, pay attention to how your socks are sewn together. Good sports socks have no bad stitches, and the toes section will be very smooth, without protrusions or threads.

3. Sweat absorption

The basic function of high-quality sports socks is to quickly absorb sweat, so that it is not easy to cause friction. Sports socks will not become hard especially after being washed.

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