Wearing Athletic Quarter Socks, You

Wearing Athletic Quarter Socks, You'll Know How Much Fun It is to Play Ball and Run!

You wear what kind of socks when you exercise? Are you still wearing casual socks like you do normally? Actually, of course you can exercise in regular socks, but it can easily cause blisters, wetness and bad odor in your feet. We suggest you wear professional athletic quarter socks for exercise! Only by wearing them will you know how amazing it feels and how comfortable it is to wear a pair of specialized running socks.

A pair of high-quality running socks should have the following performance characteristics

In simple terms, a pair of high-quality athletic works socks can provide comfort, good breathability, prevent blisters, prevent foot odor, and avoid the problem of the socks gradually slipping to the heel. A pair of super comfortable athletic quarter socks basically meets the requirements of high-quality athletic quarter socks.

Breathable shock absorption, strong wrapping, durable and wear-resistant, thick where it should be thick and thin where it should be thin. The fabric is highly breathable, and the heat generated during exercise can be quickly eliminated. Breathable mesh, moisture absorption, and high-elastic cuff that does not strangle the ankle.

Seamless knitting process reduces the weight of the sock body, fits the foot surface, and provides a very comfortable wearing experience. Some athletic quarter socks also use a seamless head design, which fits closely with the foot and reduces the probability of blisters caused by friction.

The design of high-quality athletic quarter socks

  • The sock type adopts ergonomic design, can quickly rebound after force, provides sufficient supporting force, and has a strong technological sense.

  • 3D three-dimensional rear heel, comfortable fit with the heel, elastic design with higher ear holes, not easy to fall off, and not easy to strangle the legs.

  • Thickened toe protects the toes from injury, comfortable to wear, wear-resistant and not easy to break, protecting your sports safety.

  • 360°circulating air exchange enhances the air flow inside the athletic running socks, reduces heat generation, and even after wearing for a long time, you do not have to worry about sweating and foot odor, you can enjoy refreshing sports all year round.

  • The foot surface, sock mouth, and arch have normal thickness, and the forefoot, toe and heel are thickened with loop protection.

  • Can actively reduce the impact brought by exercise and protect the feet.

  • Even after several intense basketball games, it still has good comfort and elasticity.

  • Do not underestimate the function of stable feet in the shoes. Many injuries to the knee and ankle are largely caused by unstable feet in the shoes.

You can choose from various colors, and they also have a good appearance. Does it make you feel excited just by looking at them? In fact, you will probably be more excited after seeing the price!

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