What Are Invisible Socks? Why Wear It?

What Are Invisible Socks? Why Wear It?

Speaking of summer, the first thing that comes to mind is watermelon, and then it must be it! Compared with short socks and stockings, invisible socks (also known as no-show boat socks and low no-show socks) have a feeling of "the emperor's new clothes". Of course, wearing this "new clothes" is the same as not wearing it! So for summer, it is really a perfect match!

1. What are invisible socks?

Socks are the ones who know the feet best, but socks are never enough to buy. This summer, we need a good pair of invisible socks. Of course, if you want to wear something beautiful, you must have a certain understanding of invisible socks, so that you can have a good cothing match with your preferences and be a delicately pretty girl.

Invisible socks began to rise in the 1980s. Later, many styles evolved, mainly used to match skateboard outfits, followed by shorts or short skirts.

Some girls wear invisible socks because they want to fully show the curve of the legs and the visible socks are not good-looking. Invisible socks are worn when they exercising or doing sports and leisure styles, usually with shorts or hot pants.

2. Why wear invisible socks?

Invisible socks originally originated in Japan and are used for indoor barefoot wear. They are now popular all over the world. They are short socks that open on the the instep and look like a boat after being worn, so called "invisible socks".

The low no-show socks are really short after being put on for they cannot be seen after people wear the shoes, and the tops of socks are below the ankles.

When people travel in summer, every pair of shoes worn by them will be matched with different socks. Sometimes a section of socks will be exposed at the mouth of the shoes, which affects the appearance. Some people will hide the socks in the shoes, but it is uncomfortable and will damage the ankles. .

If you wear low no-show socks, you will never see them form outside. Low no-show socks are also suitable for wearing high heels and princess shoes!

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