Do Children Need to Wear Non-slip Socks

Do Children Need to Wear Non-slip Socks

Babies are active in nature and like to run around. They are more likely to injure their skin and toes. Wearing anti skid socks can protect the skin of baby's feet from being scratched. So, do babies need to wear anti skid socks?

1. Reasons why babies need to wear non slippery socks for toddlers

Baby's body temperature regulation function is not mature enough, and it is not easy to produce heat but easy to dissipate heat. As soon as the outside temperature drops, the baby's peripheral circulation is not good, and the feet feel cold to the touch. If the baby is put on socks, it can keep baby’s feet warm to avoid catching a cold, making them feel comfortable. So do babies need to wear anti skid socks?

At present, there are many kinds of anti skid socks on the market. Anti skid socks usually have soft rubber on their soles, similar to "sock shoes", which can better prevent babies from falling. Therefore, babies of course need to wear anti skid socks. When it comes to urban home furnishings, family living rooms and baby's rooms are decorated mostly with wooden floors. Adults put on slippers easily, but little babies can't effectively "control" their slippers. The best way for babies is to let them put on anti skid socks that are suitable for the season instead of putting on slippers.

2. Babies need to wear the following three kinds of non slippery socks for toddlers

(1) Thin cotton socks: baby summer socks. People should pay attention to the choice of color when they produce thin cotton socks, and it is best not to choose darker color blocks because baby's sweating may cause the color blocks to discolor. The simpler the non slippery socks for toddlers are, the higher the insurance coefficient will be. However, it should be noted that it is strictly forbidden to choose antiperspirant and deodorant socks for babies (including such shoes and insoles), but wash them daily instead. Various spraying agents cannot be used either.

(2) Children's 100 percent cotton socks: for spring and autumn. They are thicker and denser than thin cotton socks. Please do not buy socks from street stalls or unreliable stores because these sellers often sell socks mixed with low-quality cotton or a large amount of acrylic fiber. Please buy genuine children's 100 percent cotton socks.

(3) Wool socks and cashmere socks: Baby winter socks must be made of pure wool and cashmere. Some mothers let their girls wear tight pantyhose, especially those made of high-elastic acrylic, which is very wrong. The texture of baby's socks should not be acrylic or too tight. Anti skid socks can have a certain degree of elasticity, even if there is a small amount of Lycra in it, the main material must be cotton and wool.

Baby's socks need to be replaced after a period of use. When mother finds that the socks have lost elasticity, the heel part have become thin, there are holes on it, and they cause traces on the feet, it means that the socks should be thrown away.

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