What Are the Keys to Choosing Compression Socks for Running?

What Are the Keys to Choosing Compression Socks for Running?

Various studies and literature have shown that wearing compression socks during running can achieve a little protection effect and improve the performance slightly, but it doesn't have a decisive effect on the performance. The best effect of compression socks is to prevent soreness and muscle injury after strenuous exercise.


Keys to choosing compression socks

1. You should consider the weather when wearing the sports compression socks that can wrap around the calves or leg sleeves. After all, compression socks can be quite hot and can affect perspiration. It is better not to wear them if you run in the sun in the summer for a long distance.

2. Compression socks fit your feet well, but you should avoid choosing too tight socks. As far as running shoes are concerned, you need to leave one-finger space from your heel to the heel of your shoes, so your socks should fit right on your feet. After all, either too small shoes or too large socks can cause blisters.

3. How to decide the length of compression socks?

Compression socks come in a variety of sizes: the most basic lengths are short socks, mid-calf length socks, and even knee socks, so you can choose whatever you like. At the same time, you should pay attention to the height of the upper of your running shoes (many cross-country running shoes have high uppers to prevent sand and stones), or the skin on your ankle will be frayed by the shoes easily. It is recommended that the length of compression socks should be at least 2 cm higher than the upper, because there may be a slight slip in the process of running.

4. Don't buy too small compression socks

A lot of compression socks emphasize the contractible function, but they often shrink too tight and will cause the insufficiency of blood backflow and release, which will easily hinder the blood circulation in a long run, so you should choose a larger size. For example, if your feet are 38.5 and choose size 37-39 compression socks according to the size specification, you may feel a little tight and cannot wear them for long-distance running, but you can still wear them for short distance races or at ordinary times.

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