Why Do Children Wear Skid Socks at the Playground?

Why Do Children Wear Skid Socks at the Playground?

Many parents who take their babies to the children's playground for the first time will ask, why do their babies need to put on anti skid socks for kids to play inside? Isn't it okay to wear their own ordinary socks? Today, I will explain the reasons to parents and friends here.

1. Anti slip socks can effectively be sweat-proof and anti-slip

The ground of the park is paved with mats, and the surface of trampoline inside is made of pp nylon ribbon material, which is smooth. Children having a lot of fun inside sweat a lot, and the sweat will increase the smoothness of the surface, which will be unsafe.

2. Anti slip socks can prevent bacterial infection

Children's feet easily sweat and breed bacteria. If they are barefoot or wear ordinary socks walking on the floor, it is easy for their feet to leave sweat stains. Other children crawling on the floor are very likely to be infected, and the sweat stains will also make babies slip and fall during play.

Therefore, for safety reasons, children entering the park need to wear anti skid socks for kids.  

Anti slip socks have rubber particles or anti-slip strips at the bottom, which can increase resistance and be anti-slip. In that case, parents must let their children put on anti slip socks before entering the children's playground to play!

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